Top Six Most Popular Accessories for New and Existing Tesla Owners

Top Six Most Popular Accessories for New and Existing Tesla Owners

Tesla electric cars have become overwhelmingly popular over the years due to their innovative technology, zero emission and eco-friendly, and the fact that gas prices have been skyrocketing, resulting in more consumers choosing electric cars over gasoline cars.

As Tesla owners ourselves, we are everything about your Tesla lifestyle.

However, everything comes with a flaw. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love our Tesla, but there is just more Tesla could have offered. Based on our own experience owning a Tesla, we have looked at and found these products that would give you the most quality of life with your Tesla.

Here are the six most popular accessories for new and existing Tesla owners:

1. TPE All-Weather Floor/Trunk Bundle for 2017-2022 Model 3

Here we recommend our TPE All-Weather Floor/Trunk bundle. The bundle comes with six pieces of mats: driver-side, passenger-side, rear-seats, frunk, trunk, and trunk compartment.

Our TPE floor mat set uses 3D laser scan technology to ensure perfect fitment for your Model 3s; its custom design raised edges will give you the protection you need over dirt, mud, spills, etc. It also comes with detachable carpets for all three pieces of mats in the cabin. You can attach it to the mats by velcro, and it will stay in place; it offers an extra layer of protection and comfort.

As for the trunk area mats, they are made of heavy-duty, firm, sturdy, and long-lasting TPO rubber, which is excellent for the cargo area. With its elevated edge, you can prevent spills and all kinds of dirt from damaging your trunk carpet and interior.

Product link: Model 3 2017-2022: Full All-weather Floor/Trunk Mats Bundle Set 

2. Trunk Camping Mattress

Are you a camping lover or thinking of going on a road trip? Want to star gaze in your Tesla? Hesitate not; you will want this trunk camping mattress!

Custom-designed for Model Y, it fits perfectly in your trunk area. Our camping mattress is made of 5cm thick gel memory foam, which will ensure you and your family maximum comfort while enjoying everything you love outdoors!

Are you worried about storing it? It comes with a carry bag that can fit right into your Model Y's frunk. Unfortunately, if you have a Model 3, the carry bag is slightly too big to fit into the frunk, but you could still stash it aside in the carry bag.

It consists of 3 pieces of mats; simply expand them in your trunk and put a cover sheet over it, and now you have a comfortable bed area in your Tesla. How wonderful!

Product link: Model 3/Y: Trunk Camping Mattress

3. Front Bumper Grille Cover for Model 3/Y

Have you just returned from a trip and enjoyed our camping mattress mentioned above and noticed bugs or, even worse, rock chips damage on your front bumper?
We all know that after a long drive and especially on the highway, these annoying bugs and rock chips will get stuck on the front bumper.

Worry not! We have a solution for you! Our Front Bumper Front Grille Cover will give you protection over these concerns.

It is not just a cover; it comes with a filter net that will catch the bugs, small particles, and rock chips from damaging the inner part of your front bumper, extend the lifespan of your filter, also prevent scratches on your lower grille.

It is made with durable ABS plastic for good protection coverage, is light-weighed, stays in place firmly and will not fall off easily. For installation of our front grille cover, it is straightforward, remove the double-sided tape and use the clips to grab onto the grille. It comes in two colours: Matte Black and Gloss Carbon Fiber.

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Front Bumper Lower Grille Cover

4. Stock Wheel Rims Protector Cover Set: 18” Model 3

Since we focus heavily on protecting your Tesla, another recommendation we have is our Stock Wheel Rims Protector Covers.

Many of us Tesla owners opt to use the original stock wheel from Tesla because the size of the rim affects the driving range; however, the aero wheel cover that comes with it does not provide enough to protect these beautiful rims. ; the original wheel covers may still have the edges damaged from scratching the curbs; however, our Rims Protector Cover covers the rims and rim trim!

Installation is easy; remove the original aero wheel cover and replace it with our rim protector cover. Worth to mention that it only fits the original Model 3 18" wheel. Available in two colours: Matte Black and Gray.

Product Link: Model 3: 18" Stock Wheel Rim Protector Cover Set (4 PCs)

5. Adjustable Screen Swivel Mount Kit V2 for Model 3/Y

Now that we have covered most of the protection you need for your Tesla, here is a genuine improvement in the quality of life with your Tesla.

As you may have already experienced, the centre screen is forward-facing, and the map is displayed on the right side of the screen, which the driver may find hard to look at, which is crucial while you are on the road. You wouldn't want to be looking away too much from the road ahead while driving, would you?

We bring to you our Adjustable Screen Swivel Mount Kit V2! With the new second generation, you will find your driving experience with the center screen difference is day and night. It allows you to freely turn your screen left or right (30 degrees), up or down (15 degrees). It gives you a much better viewing angle from the driver's seat.

The mount is designed specifically for all Model 3 and Model Y generations. It is made with solid cast aluminum, with an ABS cover that matches the OEM gray.
The package also comes with the tools you'd need for installation.

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Adjustable Screen Swivel Mount Kit V2

6. 3-in-1 Screen Cell Phone Holder Mount for Model 3/Y

In addition to the Adjustable Swivel Mount for your centre screen, we have the 3-in-1 Screen Cell Phone Holder placed on top of the screen to provide extra storage for your sunglasses, keys, or other personal items.

More importantly, the cell phone holder gives you the flexibility to view your phone with its 360 degrees widely adjustable angle rotation. It also got a cup holder for the passenger side for extra drinks in the car. Transform your Tesla into a portable personal office! We highly recommend it for Uber, Lyft or any other delivery drivers.

Product Link: Model 3/Y: 3 in 1 Screen Cell Phone Holder Mount

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